Bicentenary tour. The most sustainable roadshow in the world.

Six E-dri­ven load bikes – fue­led only by muscle power and sup­por­ted by an elec­tric motor – tou­red through Baden-Würt­tem­berg as a mobile exhi­bi­tion three months long. During the more than 550-kilo­me­ter long bike ride, the bikes made stops at over 25 events on nine wee­k­ends and sho­wed what they have on board: Two load bikes deli­vered visi­tors infor­ma­tion all about the bicy­cle, span­ning from its inven­tion to the deve­lop­ment of the E-bike up to today's bike cul­ture. Two more pro­mo­ti­o­nal bikes pro­vi­ded for safe cycling and fun: The Rad­Check could make sure your bike is safe for the road quickly, free of charge, and on the spot. Smal­ler repairs were done imme­di­a­tely. Whoe­ver par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the photo com­pe­ti­tion with a modern ver­sion of the drai­sine, the fore­run­ner of the bike we know today, could win great pri­zes and recei­ved funny pic­tu­res, of course. Apart from so much enter­tain­ment, the essen­ti­als couldn't be for­got­ten: Two load bikes cate­red to the visi­tors with Ger­man ravi­oli and refres­hing drinks.

All event dates at a glance:

  • 20.05.17                Sat­tel-Fest in Stut­t­­gart
  • 21.05.17                Rad­S­TERN­FAHRT Stut­t­­gart
  • 26.05.17                Pforz­heim
  • 27.-28. 05.17        Ganz schön Drais in Karls­ruhe
  • 02.-05.06.17         SWR-Som­­mer­­fes­ti­val in Stut­t­­gart
  • 09.06.17                Eppin­­gen
  • 10.-11.06.17         "Das Fes­ti­val" in Mann­heim
  • 12.06.17                Jubi­lä­ums­­feier in Mann­heim
  • 22.06.17                After-Work in Bruch­­sal
  • 23.06.17                Leo­n­­berg
  • 24.06.17                Haft- und Hoka­­fescht in Kirch­heim Teck
  • 01.07.17                Lud­wigs­­burg
  • 25.06.17                Ost­­fil­­dern
  • 30.06.17                Ess­­lin­­gen
  • 02.07.17                Ulm
  • 13.07.17                After-Work in Alb­­stadt
  • 14.07.17                Tübin­­gen
  • 15.07.17                Stadt­­­fest Her­ren­­berg
  • 21.07.17                Schlem­­men am See in Böb­­lin­­gen
  • 22.07.17                Offen­­burg
  • 23.07.17                Natur­park­­markt Wall­­bach in Bad Säckin­­gen
  • 28.07.17                Sin­­gen
  • 29.07.17                Kon­­stanz