The bicycle. A Baden-Württemberg invention.

Baden-Würt­tem­berg is the home of inven­tors, prac­ti­cal inno­va­tors and thin­kers. This Ger­man state leads the field, espe­ci­ally when it comes to trans­port. The car has its orig­ins here, and the bicy­cle was also inven­ted here in the south-west of Ger­many: on 12th June 1817 Karl Drais became the first per­son ever to use a dandy horse or ("draisine"), riding it through the streets of Mann­heim. The dandy horse is viewed as the arche­type of the bicy­cle.

Now – about 200 years later – the bicy­cle is the most fre­quently used form of trans­port in the world, and it is a key ele­ment in the deve­lop­ment of sustaina­ble mobi­lity for the future. Rea­son enough then to cele­brate the bicen­te­nary of this Baden-Würt­tem­berg inven­tion in style with nume­rous part­ners across the state and lots of cam­paigns over a period of several months!

Winfried Kretschmann
Win­fried Kretsch­mann,
Minis­ter Pre­si­dent of the state of Baden-Württemberg

About 200 years ago a Baden-Würt­tem­berg inven­tion, the dandy horse, revo­lu­tio­ni­sed per­so­nal mobi­lity. The bicy­cle is a modern, ver­sa­tile and health-pro­mo­ting means of trans­port and it pro­vi­des the ans­wers to many of the chal­len­ges that we face on our roads. I couldn't think of a bet­ter rea­son to join you in get­ting on my bike and cele­bra­ting this inno­va­tion as it should be cele­bra­ted.

Winfried Hermann
Win­fried Her­mann,
Minis­ter of Trans­port for the state of Baden-Württemberg

In 2017 we can cele­bra­ted 200 years of the bicy­cle – with pride! We did raise the pro­file of the bicy­cle in the bicen­te­nary year with lots of events and cam­paigns and made even more peo­ple enthu­sia­stic cyclists.

Anniversary competition. Bicycle. Ideas. Development.

The anniversary competition.

In order to cele­brate the 2017 bicy­cle bicen­te­nary with as varied a range of acti­vi­ties as pos­si­ble across Baden-Württemberg, the state admi­nis­tra­tion has been loo­king for exci­ting ideas for bicy­cle-focu­sed events. The win­ners have now been cho­sen and their ideas are going to be rea­li­sed this year.

Bicentenary tour. The most sustainable roadshow in the world.

The most sustainable roadshow in the world.

The bicy­cle bicen­te­nary gives us an oppor­tu­nity to look back at the orig­ins of the bicy­cle and its deve­lop­ment, and to use a tra­vel­ling show to high­light the bene­fits of this means of trans­port, and to show­case the import­ance of the bicy­cle and the latest trends and deve­lop­ments. So in 2017 several cargo bikes will tour the state on the "Anni­ver­sary Tour. The most sustaina­ble roads­how in the world." We look for­ward to mee­ting you – the mobile exhi­bi­tion is bound to stop some­where near you.

Bicentenary tour

Part­ner bodies, sup­por­ters and spon­sors

In addi­tion to the state of Baden-Württemberg, nume­rous other bodies for which cycling is an import­ant issue are actively invol­ved in cele­bra­ting the bicen­te­nary, inclu­ding by run­ning cam­paigns and events. 

Do you want to be invol­ved when Baden-Würt­tem­berg cele­bra­tes this uni­que event? Do you want to take part in the anni­ver­sary tour on a cargo bike, or would you like to have your adver­ti­sing mate­ri­als dis­played in other pro­jects? Various spon­so­ring packa­ges are availa­ble for com­pa­nies and insti­tu­ti­ons, and we wel­come enqui­ries about other pos­si­ble ways of par­ti­ci­pa­ting.


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Initiative RadKULTUR BW

In order to promote the joy of cycling, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport launched the RadKULTUR initiative in 2012. Todays it is still inviting people and organisations get involved in cycling campaigns and e­v­en­ts in Baden-Württem­berg, ­and to get on their bikes.